"Enjoy life with extraordinary capacities." LW

Logic Workout extend far more then the workout. It has become lifestyle, a persuit of the best possible outcome of our potential. To unlock the great potential each one of us have, we need some solid ground und rules on which we can rely and build upon. Is this section we will see together some rules which makes Logic Workout so efficient and easy. Remember that you are what you do, eat and think. In whole, you are your lifestyle.

1. SLEEPING: Cinderella concept.

8 to 9h sleep per night, at regular hours. Sleep is essential. This is when your body repairs itself, memories are stored, connection in the brain are created...
Better then any text I could write here, let me refer to a great TED talk explaining the importance of sleep. It is recommand to do power naps during the day. Meditation is also a great way to rest and focus you energy.


Water is a main part of the body’s composition. Headaches, tiredness and other symptoms are often related to a lack of water intake. Most of the people I know don’t drink enough water. The intake amount depends on many factor. A sweet spot is around 1.5-2 liters per day for a normal activity.
Never drink water during or at the end of meals. There is acid in the human’s stomach that digests the food. Drinking water at the same time makes it less acid and the body needs more time and energy to digest. I enjoy one glass of wine during meals. It doesn't corrupt the acids and still reset the senses to appreciate the cuisin


It is recognized by scientists and doctors as the best prevention against depressions, some types of cancer and many diseases. The body is an amazing machine. It repairs itself, works in incredible conditions and can be shaped and enhanced by a healthy lifestyle. Genetics does play a role but, with work, mostly anyone can can greatly influence his/her body’s shape and performance. Some want to loose weight, others to gain muscles, train for endurance, for more flexibility and speed or to perform better in their preferred sport.
My point of view is that all of these aims are part of a whole. The body needs a balance and should be trained accordingly. Logic Workout was designed following this idea: to be very good at everything (flexibility, strength and endurance) while preventing injuries by creating strong and flexible muscles. For example, many back pains are the results of weak abs and back muscles. Living our lives sitting behind a screen ruins our bodies. When you are tired, instead of taking a coffee break, you should replace it by doing 60 pushups, contracting all your muscles and finishing by a cup of tea. If you do these three little steps 3 times a day, it will change your life.


Someone recently asked me what type of protein I was using. I was surprised, he didn’t ask if I was taking any, but which one. He look suprised when I answered I did not take any protein supplements.
You should be careful with buying proteins and powder. Many are very unhealthy even if the packaging and advertisement try to convince you otherwise. Also most energy bars that you can find in supermarkets or even sport shop are extremely bad for health.


I don’t think being a vegan is the answer. There are plenty of good elements in meat. But people are used to eat too much meat. Meat has a lot of toxins. Red meat shoud be eaten once or twice a month. White meat twice a week is plenty enough.
Another essential point I would like to stress here is the catastrophe of today’s food industry and how it produces meat and at what costs for the Earth’s footprint. I invite you do to research on that subject and be active against eating too much meat. It is all about balance. Danger is always in excess.


Some people say they are milk intolerant. Actually it is quite the reverse that should be said and observed. Very few people are milk tolerant. Reduce milk product and you will see improvements in you body. Paradoxically, milk depletes the calcium from your bones to an extend that scientific studies show it increases risks of bone fractures. In the end, drinking milk leads to a loss of calcium. Never eat refined carbs. See Harvard School of public health report on carbohydrates.


Look at the consistence of the energy drinks, energy bars and other such product you are consuming. Most are full of sugar, colorants, This includes for example Coca-cola and other types of sodas that are plain toxic for your body. Instead eat fruits. They are full of natural sugar.


One rule for eating fruits: never during or at the end of the meal. It is the same logic as for water. Fruits are digested quicker then other aliments. If one eats fruits at the end of the meal, the fruits will be stuck on top of other aliments being digested and will start to rot. That’s one reason people have digestion problems. Instead, one should eat fruits at the beginning of the meal, then wait a few minutes before eating something else.


I agree with Arthur De Vany on the principle of the Evolution Diet. I eat mostly one type of food a day and have a diversified nutrition over the week, not over a single day, or worse of all, over a single meal. One day, I would eat only fruits and nuts, in big quantities. The next day, from morning to evening, I would eat mainly fish, maybe with lentil or Quinoa on the side. One day, I would eat meat. Eggs, bacon for breakfast, steak for dinner. Next day only fruits and vegetables. You grasp the concept. The argument for this type of nutrition is that our bodies didn’t really evolve in the last 10’000 years and thus we should eat like our ancestors as hunter-gatherers were used to eat. They would walk to a valley full of fruits, stop and eat only that. Later, they would kill an antelope and eat meat plentiful...
Many nutritionists are making a big mistake by saying one needs green, carbs, proteins at each meal.


Eat local productions. You can rely better on products that do not cross 5’000 miles to get to you. And it is better for the footprint.


Breakfast! It is really important to start the day with a good meal. Contrary to popular belief or many habits, it is important to eat salty in the morning. Breakfast is my biggest meal of the day. This gives me the power to concentrate all morning and I’m not hungry at midday. What I do instead is eat nuts regularly all day and drink green tee (anti-oxidants). I will then eat a second big meal in the early evening. This gives me many hours of full concentrated work hours before sleep.
Many people tell me they can’t eat the morning... It takes about 10 days of discipline to change your habits and to make it come naturally.


The more you chew, the less energy your body will need to digest and the less tired you will be.


I recommend the life work of Dr. David Servan-Schreiber who fought against two brain cancers. His book “Anticancer, a new way of life” is a must read. The title is a bit misleading i think. It's not only about cancer. It is one of the most complete well written scientifically supported book on the subject of health. It addresses questions far beyond what is expected.


Recent scientific studies show that your lifestyle influences your body and even the expression of genes in your ADN. We thought the involved timescale was years or decades. We now have proof that the time scale for the environment controlling the gene expressions can be days or even hours.
Every time I see a young woman smoking, it makes me sad to see she is putting herself and her future children at risk of cancer, immune system deficiencies and so on. There are many more examples of lifestyle impacting the body. I encourage you to make your own research in that domain.
On a positive tone, doing sports influences our gene expression very positively.


This is a little tip but it does the trick for me: I cheat when I count my reps: let say my goal is to do 10 reps. Instead of gradually counting from 1 to 10, I count from 1 to 3 then go back to 1 and count up to 3 again. I do it four times. So I actually do 12 reps. By only counting to 3, it seems to me like I can do more. For 40 reps and above, I count from 1 to 5, ten times or more if I can. In the end, I thus do 50 reps or more while tricking my mind.


To master any sport, there are according to me three main variables: physical condition, mental concentration and technique.
When learning a new sport, we don’t have initially the technique. We thus have to compensate with the other two variables. Practicing wakeboard, monoski... for many years, I introduced this sport to many friends. There is no way around it, the ones who could go out of the water the first times were in great physical condition. They were compensating the lack of technique with strength and concentration. While doing it, their brain was learning the technique. The next time they tried, they needed less strength to get out of the water and, with time, they gracefully mastered the sport. Conclusion, the more strength (and flexibility) you have, the more likely you will master quickly a new sport.
There is another method I use: watching videos and dreaming. I am passionate about Monoski for example. 3 weeks before the water sport season starts, I watch videos of world champions. And I later try to think/dream about doing the sport myself, thinking of each movement. Later, I look at the videos again to see if I remembered correctly.
Let me tell you a little story. I was inviting a friend to the boat and he told me he wanted to try monoski. We had dinner the preceding evening and during dessert, I proposed to watch monoski videos and talk about them. He didn’t want to. I did look at a few videos by myself. The next morning at the boat, he tried many times but could not go out of the water. On the other hand, I blew away my personal record. The next occasion he invited me for dinner, again an evening preceding a boat session. This time, he insisted in watching videos on monoski with me. The next day, he got out of the water on the second try and stayed behind the boat for nearly 10 min. Conclusion: you can train your brain and you should.
When you train with Logic Workout, I encourage you once in a while to film your workout to see if you are doing the move correctly and train you brain.