The most efficient Workout.

How it all started:

Almost 10 years ago, I suffered from a severe snowboard accident injuring my leg and shoulder, which led to two operations and two years of unsuccessful physiotherapy. Having lost almost 10 kilos of muscle mass, doctors told me I should forget about the extreme sports and competitions I used to. I might need a cane to walk now. I refused this diagnose and armed myself with the will to get my life back. Followed some hard times but my motivation was at its highest to find a solution. Logic Workout is the solution that came with years of research and tryouts.
It is based on a principle of training in instability and asymetry thanks to inflatable balls and bodywight. Withing a year I regained my previous best muscle mass, flexibility and power. Since then I have been getting better stronger every year. And this while training 2hours a week. I started training friends who improved incredebly and who got the Logic Workout virus. Then ramdom people seeing me doing sports started asking me to train them and I started Logic Workout Training. No other workout out there can match it in efficiency and progress. It is arguably the best bodyweight workout.

Paul-Emmanuel Sauron

What is Logic Workout:

Logic Workout is a workout, which uses body weight and small inflatable balls, designed to nurture strength, flexibility, endurance and balance to train in unstable and/or asymmetric conditions. These are in my mind the two key defining characteristics: instability and asymmetry, completed with dynamics. Rather than working with weights on boring one-dimensional motions that you have to repeat many times, any single exercise with Logic Workout obliges your brain to coordinate several parts of your body at the same time, to push your limits further more easily and acquire more strength. LW goals are also for the long term. With warmups and special technics, Logic Workout is gentle on the joints. It actually improves your mobility and flexibility.

Logic Workout was designed to enable Women and Men to naturally access their full potential in a way that prevents from long term injuries. From every day life to extreme sports our body and mind have to be trained and prepared to face any type of situation. The goal of Logic Workout is to have the best power-to-weight ratio and be able to do anything you want. May it be sports or safely carry heavy things without hurting your back for example. The better prepared, the more fun and risks we can take.

Do not over train. I personally workout twice a week on average. A Logic Workout session being 50 mintues, that sums up to less then 2 hours a week.